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Wellbeing Inspiring Success & Enjoyment
W.I.S.E. Distance Learning Course

An innovative course that provides practical wellbeing tools that can be used by children AND staff

Wellbeing Inspiring Success and Enjoyment, (W.I.S.E.), is a downloadable course based upon powerful strategies that have been shared with schools around the country since 2007. The course provides children and staff with innovative ways to feel more confident when dealing with challenges, to increase resilience, and to enjoy success.

This unique programme includes excerpts from two of Tamba’s books: ‘Success in Schools’ (supporting pupils) and ‘Success in Focus’ (supporting teachers).


What will participants gain from completing the course?

  • Practical tools to support the wellbeing and success of children

  • Practical tools to support the wellbeing and success of staff

  • Insights from neuroscience that help to nurture a resilient mindset 

  • Access to 10 minute video / audio links of the wellbeing tools  (For children and staff)

  • Resources that can be shared directly with children

  • A certificate verifying W.I.S.E. course completion


Each member of staff will receive the following downloadable material:

  1. The Information Booklet

  2. The Response Booklet (Each participant can complete the W.I.S.E. Response Booklet at their own pace. Overall completion time is approximately 5.5hrs.)

  3. Set of PowerPoint slides that can be shared with class/group

  4. Appendix with scripts that can be shared with children

The Information Booklet provides key insights, references and information that will allow you to fill out the Response Booklet.

Once the Response Booklet is completed you may either photograph or scan the pages, and then email it to

You will then be sent a signed certificate of completion.


You will inevitably have commitments and time constraints therefore I have designed these activities to ensure they are very relevant but not onerous. The course can be fully completed prior to sharing any insights, videos, or tools with children.

The content will allow you to reflect upon your outlook to emotional wellbeing and offer practical tools to support you and your pupils.

For further details about the W.I.S.E. course contact Tamba using the link below.

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