Videos Supporting the Wellbeing of Children

This page has a series of short videos that parents and teachers can use to support the wellbeing of children. They are taken from my book 'Success in Schools - A practical handbook of tools for teachers and parents to use with children'.

The introductory video will give parents and school staff key information about the videos. 

I hope you enjoy sharing these.


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'Tamba's Tools'

Wellbeing Videos to Share with Children

Key information about these wellbeing videos

Outcome: I can use my breathing to help me to feel calm and focussed

Outcome: I can move from feeling bored to feeling motivated

Outcome: I can change my thoughts to help me to support my wellbeing and success

Outcome: I can 'visit' a lovely space to clear my head and relax

Outcome: I can enjoy and focus upon my successes to help me to overcome new challenges

Further tools to be added