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Success in Schools

A practical handbook of tools for teachers and parents to use with children


Tamba Roy

This ground-breaking book provides teachers and parents with powerful tools to help children to overcome challenges and experience greater success in school.  (Ages 5 upwards)


Areas of focus include:
How to focus on success when writing or when completing a maths activity
           How to feel more confident when faced with a challenge
           How to ‘let go’ of anxiety before a test, an audition, or an exam 
           How to develop resilience and deal with setbacks
           How to aim for excellence

Times Educational Supplement 
Centre page review- 6th September 2013

"Strength of Mind"
"I believe that a student's academic success is inextricably linked to their emotional well-being and that equipping students with strategies to manage their emotional health will result in better learners. So the handbook 'Success in Schools' is in my view essential reading."
TES Assigned Critic: Lowri Scourfield

Copies can be purchased from Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookshops

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