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A Gift for Anansi

A Caribbean folktale that supports the wellbeing of younger children


Tamba Roy

Anansi has a BIG problem!

He may be the trickiest 'man-spider' in the world!

He may have more incredible skills than he has legs!

He may be the greatest Caribbean folk tale character of all time!

But how can he hope to outsmart the Great Blue Snake in the Land that is Lost???

Find out what happens when the 'man who is a spider, the spider who is a man' is faced with his biggest challenge!

Tamba Roy is a professional storyteller and the son of the late Namba Roy, renowned carver/storyteller of the Maroons of Accompong, Jamaica. Tamba uses this rich heritage, plus his experience as an education consultant, to create an exciting adventure that will have children on the edge of their seats and reveal unique tools to support their wellbeing.

With original black and white illustrations by Tamba, inspired by his father's artistry,

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